The kids are grown, now what?: Spring Storms #LightMyWay

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Storms #LightMyWay


We have been hammered by storms for 2 months now. In April we had 3 blizzards, one right after another. In May we have had severe thunderstorm after severe thunderstorm. This last storm brought us almost 7 inches of rain in a little over 3 hours. It was coming down sideways and the electricity was flickering off and on. The internet was spotty and we lost cable, phone and internet for a while. It was pretty scary and I was upset that I was not prepared at all for this storm. Not one flashlight in the house, so the next morning we ran to Walmart to find some flashlights or headlights for the next storm. (check out the photos from my shop in my Google+ album)


I wasn't sure where they kept the flashlight so I found a Sales Associate who gave such detailed instructions that we found them right away in the Sporting Goods aisle.


We found these awesome headlights from Energizer. I had no idea that Energizer had so many options and I was thrilled to see all of them.


The Energizer Headlights take 3 AAA batteries which power the light for 28 hours. The light has 3 different positions and the headband is adjustable. This was much better than a regular flashlight!  


Wouldn't you know it, another storm came around and we lost power! Ryan used her Energizer Headlight to brush her teeth and then read a book.

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I can't wait to take our Energizer Headlights camping and do a little night grilling! What do you use your work flashlight or work headlights for?


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