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A Drug Testing Review – How to Pass a Drug Test

Drug testing is part of life today, and it is nearly impossible to avoid it. Regardless of your particular situation, the time will come when you need to know how to pass a drug test. The more informed you are in advance, the less you will worry about taking a test.

Drug Testing: What Is Its Purpose?

The purpose of a drug test depends on the circumstances. One example is testing applicants who want a job. You will not find many employers today who do not require drug testing. One reason is safety. It is estimated that approximately 50% of accidents in the workplace occur due to drug abuse. When a person is under the influence of drugs, it affects his judgment, perception, and ability to react quickly. In some jobs, drug-related accidents can be fatal.

Employers are also concerned about an employee’s performance on the job. When a person is under the influence, he may not stay on task, not complete jobs, miss important deadlines, or not be at work regularly. When an employee is not as productive as he should be, the company can lose profits.

Whether missing work or increasing the company’s health insurance premiums, employees who use drugs are considered a poor risk. Accidents and illnesses can both occur due to drug use. This is why companies prefer to hire drug-free applicants. Employees who do not use drugs mean lower costs for their employers.

The workplace is not the only place you may encounter drug testing. A second example covers individuals who receive benefits from the government. While requirements vary from state to state, many states now require drug testing for individuals who receive welfare benefits. There have been proposals to extend drug testing even further. You should not be surprised if you are required to take a test for housing or unemployment benefits.

A third example is an individual who is in a recovery program for substance abuse. Outpatient treatment and counseling include drug testing as a requirement. In some instances, testing can be random. A fourth example is drug testing as a condition of parole or probation. Whether you have served time in jail or avoided it, you may be required to submit to periodic drug tests.

We may not be able to change policies or laws, but many people do believe drug testing has gone too far. When jobs do not include safety risks, employers may be placing profits above employees’ right to privacy. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not always about individuals who engage in substance abuse believing they have the right to do so. While you will find individuals who meet that description, many others disapprove of drug testing because they feel they are accused of something they have never done.

Many people also disapprove of drug testing for government benefits. Politicians may claim they are trying to save taxpayers’ money, but it can also be seen as penalizing people simply because they need help. Simply because a person is poor, it does not mean they engage in substance abuse, but that is what this policy implies.

Drug testing can be useful for individuals in recovery programs. When a person is being treated for addiction, it is only sensible to want them to stay clean. If he relapses and fails a drug test, he may need extra help. Perhaps the same can be said for individuals on parole or probation. If a person is given a second chance, it is reasonable to expect him to use it wisely. Drug use does not show the person is making the most of his chance at freedom and a better life.

When some people hear the word “drugs,” they immediately think of illegal substances. This misconception could cause you to fail a drug test. Drugs are not only street drugs, such as meth, heroin, and cocaine. While one of the most common street drugs, marijuana, will cause you to fail a test, there are many other substances that are perfectly legal that could cause the same results.

One example is alcohol. You do not need to be underage, drink excessively, or receive a DUI. An adult who consumes alcohol before a drug test is likely to fail the test. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance, so it is classified as a drug.

A second example is prescription medication. If medical marijuana is legal in your state, it can lead to a failed drug test. It does not matter if your doctor has advised you to use it. However, there is a wide range of common medications that can also affect drug testing. The pills your own doctor has prescribed can show up as drugs on a test.

A third example is over the counter products. If you occasionally take cold medications, over the counter pain relievers, diet pills, anti-diarrhea medication, or numerous other products that do not even require a prescription, you could fail your test. Failing a test can also occur from harmless dietary supplements. Over the counter products include CBD, too. There are many different types of CBD products, and those that contain THC will result in a failed drug test.

Who knew that the way to invest in your health is to make sure you can pass a hair drug test. New ways to take possession without new information can be very interesting. You will never be able to get a hold of the right pricing for taking a test when you don’t have the resources.

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