The kids are grown, now what?: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last December I began to notice some changes to my right breast. There was a big crease on the side. I had also been noticing some swelling the lymph nodes under my arm. I went to see my doc and he sent me for a mammogram. Now you should probably know that I should have had a baseline mammogram after my hysterectomy in 1998, but I never got around to it.

So I went for my mammogram and they asked me to wait while the radiologist looked at it. I hate waiting for things like this. I always think the worst. Thankfully it was a short wait. The radiologist came out and told me that he saw something on the films and  wanted to do an ultrasound on my right get a closer look. It looks like a round shadow about the size of a half dollar. He wasn't sure what it was so he wanted to do a follow-up in 6 months. If I had gone for a baseline mammogram in 1998 like I was supposed to, then I wouldn't have had to wait. I am a pessimist and that 6 month wait was hell. I was worried, my kids were worried. The waiting sucks!

FINALLY it was May! I made an appointment for my follow-up mammogram. Again they did the ultrasound. The mass had not changed in size but I wanted a biopsy anyway. I can't do a mammogram every 6 months. The wait for results is too agonizing. The biopsy came back clean. Thank God! But I would not have had to go through any of this if I had gone and done my baseline mammogram in 1998. It's important to follow your doctor's advice. It's important to check your breasts regularly.

I have two friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer. I don't want to have any more friends have to go what through what they did.

How can you help? Buy yogurt! Dannon has the Cups of Hope program. They will donate money to The National Breast Cancer Foundation for every cup of Oikos and other Dannon brand purchased. Yoplait has the same offer with money going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. There is also The Breast Cancer Site with one click a day you can help donate money for mammograms.

Take care of the girls.


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