Approaches to Avoid When Taking A Drug Test

Some people want to save money and time, do not know what products to buy, or find themselves unprepared when they are required to take drug tests. Any of these issues can cause problems that you want to avoid.

One approach is to try to pass off a friend’s urine as your own. The main concern with this approach is you could get caught. Individuals who administer drug tests are familiar with these types of scams. Depending on your situation, there could be more at stake than embarrassment. Not only would you lose the benefit you want from passing a test, but in some cases you could be charged with a crime. Synthetic urine can be equally difficult. It is relatively inexpensive, but you do not want the consequences that could come from getting caught.

Second, there are almost countless examples of home remedies that are not in your best interests. One example is to significantly increase your output of urine by either taking diuretics or drinking huge quantities of water or other liquid. While individuals who try this approach believe the substances will be flushed out of their systems, it can backfire. Not only can you become severely dehydrated, the person who administers the drug test will know you have tried to cheat the test. Drink a reasonable amount of fluid before a test, but do not go to extremes and do not use diuretics.

At its most ridiculous, you can even fail a drug test if you have consumed certain foods or beverages before the test. From muffins with poppy seeds to herbal teas, your dietary habits can cause you to fail a test. The test can reveal a false-positive, as if you had used an illegal mind-altering substance.

What it comes down to is even if you do not use illegal substances, you are still at risk of failing a drug test. Regardless of your particular situation and habits, these other products may be part of your everyday life. If you want all the benefits of passing a test, and to avoid the complications that will occur if you fail, you should do whatever it takes to make sure you pass. Whether it involves a job you really want, your freedom, government assistance you need for yourself or your family, or success with a recovery program, make a commitment to pass every drug test you encounter.