The kids are grown, now what?: Norm's April Favorites

Friday, May 6, 2016

Norm's April Favorites

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Norm Eating

We took Norm in for his checkup the other day. Outside of having clostridial enteritis and a horrible case of separation anxiety he is in perfect health for a Great Dane of his age. He is now on flagyl for his infection and he is doing so much better.

Norm and Ryan at the vet

Norm made many friends and was so well behaved. We rewarded him when he got home by giving him treats and then a delicious dinner!

Merrick Back Country Real Beef Sausage Cut Dog Treats

Merrick Back Country Great Plains Real Beef Sausage Cuts, Norm starts salivating as soon as he sees the bag. He loves these all beef grain free treats! They are reasonably priced too at only $6.99for an 8 ounce bag.

Wild Calling Grassland Buffalo Dog Food

Norm is kind of picky when it comes to dinner. We feed him kibble but he doesn't really like it. For breakfast he gets kibble and yogurt. For dinner we add half a can of Wild Calling 96% Buffalo dog food. What's the other 4% you ask? Liver and assorted vitamins. Norm LOVES it! Not only does Norm love it, but our cats love it too!

Norm and Molly sharing dinner

The first night we fed Norm the Wild Calling Molly leaned down from the table to share it with Norm. Since then we give the cats the other half of the can at dinner time! Everyone LOVES the Wild Calling Buffalo!

Both the treats and the dog food can be found at You save 5% when you set up a monthly autoship. There is always free shipping on all orders over $49.00.

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