The kids are grown, now what?: CF Champions, Navigating the Journey Together

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CF Champions, Navigating the Journey Together

This post was sponsored by Walgreens Cystic Fibrosis Services as part of an Influencer Activation by Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my post.

Eli and Ryan

This is a photo of my two youngest. They were born a little more than a year apart. My chubby girl and my skinny boy. What you can't tell from this photo is that my son was very sick. He was malnourished and dehydrated and in danger of dying because they could not figure out what was wrong with him. One of the first tests that his doctor ran was a sweat test. A positive sweat test is indicative of Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Children with CF excrete a lot of salt in their sweat. Eli's test was negative.

About a year after this photo was taken I went back to school to become a respiratory therapist. As a respiratory therapist I worked with many CF patients helping them manage their disease. Treatment for CF has come a long way in the last 25 years. Way back when in those days of old, life expectancy for a CF patient was mid teens to early 20s.

For those not familiar with the disease, CF is a complex condition affecting approximately 30,000 adults and children in the US at any given moment. CF is a lifelong disorder. Symptoms and treatments affect daily living. CF primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems. CF leaves patients open to other infections and many patients live in isolation which can cause depression and anxiety which can greatly impact disease severity and outcomes.

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you know that I have been a loyal Walgreens customer for more than 40 years. Did you know that Walgreens has a program specifically for CF patients? Walgreens Cystic Fibrosis CF Champions program is a wonderful resource for CF patients, their families and their caregivers. Medication and therapeutic adherence are the most important part of living with CF and Walgreens is here to help! Walgreens has information on medications and therapies, patient assistance programs, insurance help, news and advocacy events and patient stories. Read how others are doing and share your own story. Walgreens is a great place to connect!

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Help us spread awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and check out Walgreen Cystic Fibrosis CF Champions Program for the CF patient in your life.


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