The kids are grown, now what?: It's a Tupperware Party and Giveaway!

Friday, March 4, 2016

It's a Tupperware Party and Giveaway!

Brad Gardner Tupperware Extraordinaire

There is a new Tupperware lady in town and his name is Brad Gardner! I will let Brad tell you a little about himself.

"Tupperware came into my life and truly saved me at a time when I was at my lowest. My husband had nearly died, we had lost all of our income, and I was starting to lose hope. But, a little voice in my head told me to turn on the TV one evening, and a Tupperware documentary was on TV. On a whim, I signed up, and it changed my life. It helped me bring some income back into my family, and it also helped me avoid caregiver fatigue after everything that happened with my husband.
Tupperware gave me the opportunity to be me again, to me a group of excited people just like me, and it gave me the confidence to try something new. I truly believe Tupperware changed my life. I believe in the company, I believe in the product. It also touched me that a "traditional" company would even go so far as to feature me on their blog, along with my husband."

You can read more about Brad here. Brad and I met on Facebook last fall. He was new to Rapid City and looking to connect to the community. We have not met in person, YET! Dinner plans to come and soon!

I have had a lifelong love of Tupperware. I remember my mother having Tupperware parties in our home. I have been using Tupperware parties all of my life. Have you ever noticed that if you lend someone your Tupperware that it never makes it home again? Yeah... So now I have some replacements to purchase! Check out the following catalogs and decide what you absolutely NEED for your home!

Winter Spring Tupperware Catalog

Mid March Tupperware Specials
If you are concerned about portion control, Tupperware has a great new product to help.

25 Pc Tupperware Portioning Pro Set
What an incredible deal this is. You get 25 different pieces divided into sizes for only $75.00! That's only $3.00 per piece. Tell me where else you can find a deal like this! Of course Tupperware has something for every price range. Check out the catalogs and find what satisfies your needs and pocketbook.

Now, here comes the best part, We are giving away a 3 piece Wonderlier Bowl Set.

3 Piece Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl Set

This set includes a 6 Cup bowl, an 8 3/4 Cup bowl and a 12 Cup bowl. This is dishwasher safe and has a lifetime warranty. This is a $35.00 value and we are giving this away! This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. 18 years of age and older. Good luck!

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