The kids are grown, now what?: Gluten Free Pork Ramen

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gluten Free Pork Ramen

Gluten Free Pork Ramen

Raising kids on a tight budget meant finding inexpensive ways to make delicious food. I utilized ramen as a way to stretch our food dollars. Ramen noodles themselves are so versatile. I did not use them just for soup but for Lo Mein and other dishes. Plus, when the kids or I were sick there is nothing more soothing to unhappy tummies than a hot bowl of ramen noodles and delicious broth.

Did you know you can buy gluten free Ramen noodles?  Oh yes you can! And they are delicious! It had been so long since my daughter had a delicious bowl of Ramen noodle soup. So that's what I did with the last of the leftover pork roast. It was delicious and satisfying.

2 Quarts Chicken Broth
2 Baby Bok Choy, Chopped
2 Leeks, Cleaned and Sliced
2 Garlic Cloves, Crushed
2 TBSP Pickled Ginger, Chopped
1 TBSP Gluten Free Soy Sauce
2 C Leftover Pork Roast, Chopped
3 or 4 Eggs, Poached (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Add chicken broth to your stock pot and bring to a boil. 

Reduce heat to a simmer and add vegetables and seasonings. 

Add Pork.

You can cook your ramen noodles in the broth or separately in boiling water and add to the broth once softened. Ramen noodles do absorb quite a bit of liquid so you might want to cook them separately. 

I love poached eggs in my ramen. You can leave this out if you're not a fan. Ladle Soup into bowls and top with your poached egg and/or some chopped green onions and add an extra splash of soy sauce. Enjoy!

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