The kids are grown, now what?: Finding Dory Trailer

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Finding Dory Trailer

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Poster

The first time I watched Finding Nemo was with my grandson. We loved it. The animation was stunning, the characters were true characters and the story of a boy finding his way home to his dad and having adventures along the way was inspiring. When the credits came up I screamed "SEQUEL" and now, here it is with Finding Dory.
Disney Pixar's Finding Dory hits theaters June 17th. I can already see myself heading to the cool theater on a warm summer day to watch a movie with the beloved characters from Finding Nemo. Instead of searching for Nemo we will be helping Dory with her search for self. Who are her parents? Where did she come from and where did she learn to speak whale?

I hope you enjoy the taste of Finding Dory as much as I did and come sit next to me June 17th and we can share some popcorn!

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