The kids are grown, now what?: Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch

Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch by Alea Milham

When I go shopping I look for the most bang for my buck. I want to buy things that will make my meal dollars stretch as far as possible. I shop only once a month so every cent needs to STRETCH! 

I will buy a whole chicken and try to get at least 3 meals out of it. The first night will be a simple roast chicken, a side, and a veg. Then I shred the rest of the meat and put the carcass on to boil for chicken broth. The next day we might have chicken tacos, or pineapple chicken, or some type of casserole or even chicken soup. That way one purchase covers multiple meals.

When I heard that my friend Alea was writing a cookbook about buying once and stretching to many meals I had to be first in line to review that cookbook! Prep Ahead Meals from Scratch does not disappoint. Alea cooks the same way I do. She not only looks for ways to stretch your food dollars, she also shows you how to cook ahead so that you have less work for your meals during the week.

Prep Ahead Meals from Scratch by Alea Milham, Tasty Pork

I have noticed lately that pork is the most inexpensive meat. I tend to buy large pork roasts that give me many delicious meals. Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch has a whole chapter devoted to tasty pork recipes!

This is a cookbook that you will use again and again. It's filled with beautiful photographs and delicious recipes! 

Once you have ordered Prep Ahead Meals From Scratch by Alea Milham check out her blog, Premeditated Leftovers. You can also follow Premeditated Leftovers on Facebook and Twitter

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