The kids are grown, now what?: Pernil (Puerto Rican Pork Roast)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pernil (Puerto Rican Pork Roast)

This recipe is all mine, there are affiliate links included in this post.

Pernil Tacos #Gluten Free

I do a huge food shop at the beginning of each month and then shop small maybe once or twice towards the end of the month. In order to prepare for my big food shop, I scour the ads to see what is on sale. I want the most bang for my buck. This past month, one of our local grocery stores had pork should roasts on sale for $1.66/lb. That was a deal we could not pass up. I love pork roast and I can get more than one meal out of it. 

Normally, when I make a pork roast I make Carnitas. Don't get me wrong, I love Carnitas but I wanted to do something a little different this time. I chose to make Pernil. Pernil is a pork roast that is popular in Puerto Rico. It is tender and juicy and delicious when made in the oven, but I chose to make it in the slowcooker.

Now, the first night we had the roast with a side of rice and broccoli. Second night was tacos (seen in the photo above) third night will be pork fried roast. There will still be some leftover for an omelet or quesadilla, or whatever you can imagine!

Line your slowcooker with a slowcooker liner. Turn your slowcooker onto low (usually 10 hours). If you need it faster then by all means use a hotter setting.

1 4 lb Pork Shoulder Roast
2 Limes, Zested and Juiced
2 Oranges, Zested and Juiced
1 TSP Kosher Salt
1/2 TSP Black Pepper
1 TSP Cumin
1 TBSP Garlic Gold

Place pork roast into slowcooker and cover with remaining ingredients. Pork will fall off the bone when ready.

Let your roast cool before shredding. Use the meat however you would like. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links.


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