The kids are grown, now what?: Frozen Yogurt Cookiewiches #MullerMoment

Friday, March 20, 2015

Frozen Yogurt Cookiewiches #MullerMoment

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Frozen Yogurt Cookiewiches #MullerMoment #ad

I had my first baby almost 36 years ago. I have been a Mom for most of my life! I have learned a few tricks along the way. One of my most important tips is to carve some "Me Time" out of each day. This might mean 15 minutes taking a hot shower. It might mean sneaking a snack out on the porch WITHOUT the kids. For me it meant waking up at 3 AM so that I could read or spend time on the computer. This was my much needed alone time!

Now my kids are all grown. I am very ill and my youngest daughter (27!) takes care of me. She works hard. She works two jobs to make sure that we have enough money to get us through each month. She doesn't take much time for herself. I like to thank her by making treats for her. This morning I had some treats ready for her to take to work. Even if it's only 5 minutes, she has that time to decompress and eat something yummy!

My daughter and her #MullerMoment
She doesn't want to share!

Let me tell you how I came up with this recipe. I was at Walmart last week and they were holding a demonstration of the new Muller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt

Walmart Demo #MullerMoment

She was SO nice and let me try all the flavors; Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Chocolate Mint!  My favorites were the Raspberry Chocolate Chip and the Strawberry. The Muller® Inspired Yogurt is 5.3 oz. contains 6% Milk Fat, has 7 gms of protein and only 190 - 210 calories! The Muller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt was not with the other yogurt. I actually found it with the refrigerated pudding!

Mueller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt #MullerMoment

Making the cookiewiches is super easy! The first step is take a tablespoon of yogurt and drop it onto a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.

Yogurt on the cookie sheet #MullerMoment

Pop the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 1 hour. They freeze very fast!

Frozen Yogurt #MullerMoment

It is so easy to peel the yogurt off of the parchment paper. If you have any leftover frozen yogurt then just place them into a zipper style freezer bag and save them for later! Place the frozen yogurt between 2 cookies or slice a strawberry in half for an even lighter but just as delicious treat!

Frozen Yogurt Cookiewiches #MullerMoment

I hope you enjoy this #MullerMoment as much as we do. Tell me about your #MullerMoment!

MΓΌller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt is just the right amount of wrong. Whether it is a touch of indulgence to start your morning or an indulgent break in the afternoon - go ahead and indulge because you deserve it!

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