The kids are grown, now what?: All I Want for Christmas... #HintingSeason

Friday, November 21, 2014

All I Want for Christmas... #HintingSeason

This post is sponsored by Best Buy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I am home all day long. I have a habit of keeping the TV on as company during the day unless I am on the phone. I have a nice TV. A really nice TV that I purchased from Best Buy. But... I want a spectacular TV like the LG OLED TV pictured above. I also want that apartment with a spectacular view but let's not push things.
Let me tell you about this dream TV of mine! Can you believe that it is only .21 inches thick at it's thinnest point? That is less than a quarter of an inch! That is crazy thin! Having grown up with first black & white TV and then a huge clunky color TV, the technology that allows the TV to be THAT thin truly amazes me!

Now let's talk about the picture. The picture quality is amazing! LG's newest 4 color pixel technology enhances color range and accuracy. Can you imagine watching your wedding videos, videos of your kids or grandkids not to mention Blu-rays on this TV? You can find more information at

Here is my favorite part. This TV connects with your wireless internet. You can watch all of your favorite shows online using the TV. How fun will it be checking out your favorite YouTube videos on this screen?

Don't forget to head over to Best Buy so you can check out the LG OLED TV in all it's glorious color!

Santa? Are you listening? All I want for Christmas is an LG OLED TV (and that apartment with the spectacular view)!

What's on your holiday wish list?


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