The kids are grown, now what?: The Never Ending Conversation

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Never Ending Conversation

The Never ending Conversation

That's us! One big happy family. Me and my three. I don't remember the exact date when we began discussing sex and body parts. I do remember that it began with a book called Where Did I Come From?. We read that book every night for years! My children were fascinated with their bodies and wanted to know all they could about them.
I have always been very open with my kids about everything. I wanted them to be able to come to me to talk about anything at all and they do. I began purchasing condoms for them when those teenage hormones began to rage. Condoms make great stocking stuffers! They are now adults pushing 30 and I still ask, "do you need some condoms?".

These days it is also important to discuss sexually transmitted diseases. I buy them condoms for a reason. I want my kids to live! They have both had scares and they have both learned that Mom is right and condoms are important. Out motto is, No Glove, No Love!

I want my kids to feel free to discuss anything with me so that when it's time for hard choices I am right there with them. I have the information they need and if I don't, I will find it. I have their backs! I am all in for the never ending conversation.

How do you talk to your children about sex?


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