The kids are grown, now what?: Emotional Blackmail

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Emotional Blackmail

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At 4:53 AM someone left this anonymous message for me using the contact form on my site. If you have been following my blog for a while then you already know that my oldest daughter was molested by my ex-husband. I posted about it for the Brave Woman Campaign.

I don't know who this anonymous poster is but I do have their IP address and if the emotional blackmail continues then I will be contacting the police. We live in a wonderful technological world where anonymous no longer is.

Anyone that really knows me knows that I was not complicit in the molestation of my daughter. Anyone that really knows me knows that I suffered extreme emotional pain upon finding out who my daughter's molester was. Anyone who really knows me knows that I still experience great emotional pain from this.

To my emotional blackmailer: BRING IT ON!


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