The kids are grown, now what?: #NeverAgain Updated

Thursday, April 17, 2014

#NeverAgain Updated

Ukraine Jewish Registration #NeverAgain

Never Again! Between 1941 and 1945 3 million Ukrainian Jews and non-Jews were murdered. Before this Nazi killing spree began all Jews were required to register with the government. Fast forward to 2014 and Jews are again required to register with the government. NEVER AGAIN!
Never again can we allow this to happen. Never again can we allow a government sponsored wholesale slaughter of a people. Please don't tell me that I am over-reacting to this. I am not. This is how it begins and WE need to stop it before it goes any further.

Call your Representatives. Tweet John Kerry and tell him we will not stand by and witness another holocaust. Speak out!

I received this information just now While the flyers are real and being distributed, the government claims to have no knowledge of the source. There has not been a confirmation of the source at this time.


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