The kids are grown, now what?: Hot Chocolate Popcorn Balls

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hot Chocolate Popcorn Balls


This is what it looked like outside my bedroom window Friday morning. By the time the blizzard ended late Saturday afternoon, we had received 33 inches of snow that turned into 10 foot drifts that surrounded my home and covered my car. We lost electricity Friday night got it back Saturday night and lost it again Sunday morning. I got cable and internet back today but we are still without a phone. Craziness!
So what did I do Friday before the electricity went out? I made popcorn balls! Hot Chocolate Popcorn balls to be exact and they were delicious!

The Good Cook Popcorn Baller #GoodCookKitchenExprt

You are not going to believe how easy it is to make these!

1 PKG Mini Marshmallows
4 TBSP Butter
1/4 C Cocoa
1 TBSP Vanilla
6 C Popped Popcorn

Melt butter and mini marshmallows. Still while melting. 

Melt the marshmallows and butter

Once melted add the cocoa and vanilla. Mix until incorporated, add popcorn and mix thoroughly. Let cool.

Good Cook Popcorn Baller

Once the popcorn has cooled enough to handle, spray popcorn baller with baking spray and fill with coated popcorn. Form into ball.

Hot Chocolate Popcorn Balls

Place popcorn balls in your favorite hot chocolate mug and sprinkle with mini marshmallows. Enjoy!

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