The kids are grown, now what?: Staying Fresh with Fresh Step

Monday, September 9, 2013

Staying Fresh with Fresh Step

Molly & Ryan #ClubFreshStep #shop

Molly (pictured above with my daughter Ryan) came into our lives a little over 2 years ago. She was 8 weeks old when she picked us as her furever parents. She was very sick when we brought her home. She was so sick that she slept in the litter box so she didn't have to go very far when she needed it. After some research on the internet my daughter discovered that Maine Coon Cats often have wheat allergies. As soon as we changed her food she was fine. The irony of this is that Ryan cannot have wheat either!

Molly is a picky girl. She loves cream cheese and whipped cream but hates the smell of ketchup and won't go near any food that is drenched in it. She is also picky about her litter. I brought home one bag of litter that she disliked so much that she would not let her feet touch it. She would balance on the side of the litter box and would not cover her poop because she hated the feel of that litter. Needless to say, we ran to the store to buy some new litter for her after laughing at watching her try to balance.

Molly is also very sensitive to smell and we quickly found out that she won't use some heavily perfumed litters either. Like I said, she is a picky girl! 

#ClubFreshStep #shop

Molly loves Fresh Step with Odor Shield. Fresh Step with Odor Shield uses Clorophyll and essential oils to control odors. It's all natural! There is no heavy perfume, yet is helps control odors and she likes the way it feels on her feet so there is no awkward balancing! I really should have gotten pics of that!

I found 42 LBS of Fresh Step for only $14.88 at Sam's Club. That 42 LBS will last us quite a while. 

#ClubFreshStep Double Paw Points #shop

This is my favorite part! You will find Paw Points on every package of Fresh Step. These Paw Points can be used to get all kinds of cool stuff including coupons for future purchases of Fresh Step or even free Fresh Step! Beginning today (September 9, 2013) through October 31, 2013 each package of Fresh Step will earn you double Paw Points!

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