The kids are grown, now what?: Dear Rapid City Regional Hospital

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Rapid City Regional Hospital

Me in the hospital
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Lawler

Let me start off by saying that you have a first rate emergency department. I should know, I am there close to once a month. I also appreciate the fact that you provide treatment for me even though I have no insurance and no way to pay you. Thank you.

It's a shame that you are not as organized on the 8th floor! There is some very real incompetence going on up there and you need to do something about it. Concentrate more on medical care and less on asking over and over if there is anything more you can do for me. Believe me, if there is, I will tell you.

Once my test results came back positive for Clostridium Difficile, I was quickly moved to an insolation room. When I showed up on 8 SW to go to my room one of the nurses shouted (and I do mean shouted) that they cannot move C Diff through the hallway. First off, let me point out that this was a HUGE breach in confidentiality. Second, how the hell was I supposed to get to my new room? I left my teleporter at home.

Once I was in my new room, various staff would stare at me through the window. Nice... Those who came in to care for me did so reluctantly. They made me feel as if putting on a gown and gloves before entering my room was too much of a hassle for them. Even though my input and output were supposed to be measured, there was no measurement taken for the first 24 hours in my new room. There was also no cleaning service. My room was a mess. Garbage had not been emptied. There were used IV supplies strewn around the room. I was almost out of toilet paper and paper towels. Do you know what it took to get housekeeping into the room? Complaints from my daughter to the nurse AND a friend of mine in Michigan called the Patient Coordinator to complain. Cleaning a room, especially an isolation room should be top priority. Without proper cleaning there is a risk of reinfecting myself as well as others. You and your staff should know this, you are a hospital. If your staff is too afraid to walk into an isolation room then perhaps they should re-think their career choices. I also think some training on proper isolation procedures would be helpful. I did not see very much handwashing going on.

Thank you again for taking care of me. I hope that I don't have to be admitted again for a VERY long time.


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