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Monday, August 19, 2013

Answers at Walgreens


When I was a little girl, the pharmacy is where we would sometimes go for medical care. I had a tendency to dislocate my shoulders and if I was with my grandmother when that happened we would go to our local pharmacy and the pharmacist would reduce the dislocation. These days pharmacists don't do too much of that, but they are always available for questions!

Walgreens has a new program called Answers at Walgreens. You can go online 24/7 and ask questions about medications you are on, pricing or other Walgreens Health Services. You can also go right up to the pharmacy window and ask questions at any time as well.

Online Pharmacy Chat #WalgreensAnswers

I went online to find some answers about my GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I wanted to know what else was safe to take with the meds that I am already taking. My question was initially received by a pharmacy tech who was unable to answer my question because it related to prescription medications.  The tech transferred me to a registered pharmacist who answered my questions very quickly.  The pharmacist told me that it was not safe to increase the dosage of my medication without speaking to my doctor but did tell me I could take a calcium carbonate acid relief product, like TUMS, along with my usual medications. And to contact my doctor if this did not help.

The advice was great and has definitely been helping all that breakthrough acid I have been experiencing. I really appreciated the quick answers that I received from a registered pharmacist. I am most appreciative that I can use this service any time of the day or night!

Weekly Ad #WalgreensAnswers

Before going to any store I always check their weekly ad. I want to make sure that I don't miss out on any great specials! Then we headed to Walgreens to pick up what I needed! Thanks to Answers at Walgreens for being available 24/7!

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