The kids are grown, now what?: Looking for the Perfect Printer for Your Needs

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking for the Perfect Printer for Your Needs

HP61 Ink Cartridge

Finding the perfect printer can be difficult with the amount of printers and accessories on the market. With a great variety available, each with their pros and cons, selecting one can feel overwhelming.

The first choice to be made is whether to buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Laser printers burn the ink into the paper, resulting in faster prints and higher quality. Your long-term yield may also be longer. However, unless you are constantly requiring high-quality prints, a laser printer may be a bit expensive for your needs. The printer itself is a bit more costly, and toner cartridges are required as well as ink cartridges are required to run the printer.

An inkjet printer works by shooting the ink onto the paper. Inkjet printers are available starting at a much lower price point, and there are quite a few more kinds to choose from, such as photo printers and all-in-one printers.

HP ink cartridges as well as toner cartridges are available for both laser and inkjet printers, and are a good-quality option for most printing jobs.

The next consideration to make is what the printer will be used for. If you will be regularly printing photos, you may want to get a photo printer. If you would like an all-in-one machine that can print, scan, copy and fax, you will want to consider the various machines that have those capabilities. Some printers only print in black and white, while others print in color. Black-and-white printers may save money on ink cartridges, but you must consider whether you can do without color printing.

Also, you will want to think about whether you need a wireless printer that can print without being plugged into a computer, laptop or wireless device, or whether you need a printer that simply plugs into your computer to print.

Another point to consider is the price of the printer and equipment. Staying within budget can be important. Apart from simply the cost of the printer, you will need to purchase paper, a printer cable, and printer ink or toner, so be sure to budget accordingly. HP ink cartridges are an affordable option, though different printers will require different HP ink cartridges, so be sure to check the number that is compatible with your printer.

Buying a new printer can be a good experience as you pick out a new tool that can do exactly what you need. By considering the different options before you buy, you can be sure to get a printer that you will be happy with.


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