The kids are grown, now what?: Love is in the Air!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Gifts

Love is definitely in the air these days. I was reminded of that when I ran across, a site devoted to fresh flowers. The top selling gifts for Valentine's Day seem to be flowers, chocolates, jewelry and chocolate. Give me flowers and milk chocolate and I am yours!.

As I surf the web looking at Valentine's Day Gifts, it got me wondering about the origins of this holiday. Did you know that Saint Valentinus was martyred for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. During his imprisonment he healed the daughter of his jailer and the story is that he left a farewell for her before his execution. He said, For my Valentine. Today, the official feast day (church celebration) for St. Valentine occurs in July.

These days we celebrate the idea of romantic love as early as grade school. Do you remember decorating boxes and writing your names on all those cute little Valentines? Back in my day, we gave these Valentines to the classmates that we liked not the whole class. I was always afraid that I wouldn't get any. Popularity was proved by how many Valentines that you received. Now things are much more fair as children are encouraged to give one to every kid in the class. I like that better. 

In our early 20's we are often devastated if we are not in a relationship on Valentine's Day. We are made to feel less than desirable if we don't have someone to take us out for a romantic meal, give us flowers and chocolate, make us feel loved and secure.

Now I am in my 50's and for me, Valentine's Day is about letting my children know how much I love them. Letting my friends know how much I love them. Telling myself that I am special and that I don't need a partner in life to make me feel complete.

What does Valentine's Day mean for you?


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