The kids are grown, now what?: If You Can Read, You Can Cook

Thursday, February 28, 2013

If You Can Read, You Can Cook

I wanted to do something special for my daughter's 18th birthday. She had been wanting to learn to cook. I always tell her, "If you can read, you can cook.". She would just shake her head. But it's true. If you can read a recipe and can follow the directions then you can cook. As you are learning to make different recipes you will learn new skills, develop your taste buds and eventually start making up your own recipes. But, I digress! I decided to make a cookbook for Ryan's 18th birthday.

I spent a long time on the cookbook searching for delicious recipes to print out for her cookbook. I picked up a 3 ring binder and a case of plastic sheet protectors as well as plenty of Canon Ink Cartridges. I started in the scrapbook section of my local hobby store and picked up some items to decorate the cookbook. I just 3D letters and spelled out Ryan's Cookbook on the front cover and the spine of the binder.

At first I searched for easy recipes. Semi-homemade recipes like Sandra Lee does. I think cooking this way introduces you to flavors, seasonings. If you pay attention to the ingredients then you are stashing away important information about what seasonings go well together.

Then I found recipes that are a little more difficult. Once you master the easy recipes then it's time to move on. Always challenge yourself! I remember a time when I could not make a Stouffer's Boil-in-bag meal without help! Yes, that was before microwave meals were on every freezer shelf at the grocery store. That's when I started buying cookbooks left and right. I love cookbooks. I love to learn. Most of all, I love a challenge! That's what I wanted to Ryan. Something that would let her start out easy and then work her way into harder recipes. I downloaded so many wonderful recipes for her.

Think about making a cookbook for someone you love!


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