The kids are grown, now what?: A Person of Worth

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Person of Worth

Glass Awards

I was a really shy kid, afraid of my own shadow. I think that shyness is what led to my agoraphobia. The only thing I excelled at in elementary school was reading. I taught myself how to read when I was 2 and I have had my nose in a book ever since. Math continued to elude me until I reached college.
Once I hit college I realized how smart I really am and things started to click for me. I joined the College Bowl team and started winning beautiful glass awards. College Bowl was an amazing experience for me. Imagine going from classmates in elementary school calling you stupid to answering the winning question in the regional College Bowl Championships. It can get pretty heady!

It's a wonderful thing to not only learn that you are smart but to believe it too! After a lifetime of people telling you that you are nothing, winning an award for being smart tells you that you are a person of worth. It's sad that it took an award to convince me. 

My mother let me know that I was a disappointment to her and that she was ashamed of me almost every day of my childhood. To say that I had poor self esteem would be a gross understatement. I always swore I would not be like my mother. That I would be a better mother to my children than she had been for me.

I tried to give my children the message that they are strong and smart. I wanted my children to grow up knowing they are loved and are people of worth. I wanted my children to know this without having to win an award. We as parents are responsible for our children's self worth. That is a huge responsibility. Please take it seriously.


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