The kids are grown, now what?: Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were filled with family, friends, love and of course, delicious food!
My new year did not start out with a bang. I was admitted to the hospital over the weekend and was discharged yesterday afternoon. I am in the middle of another colitis flare and my blood pressure and pain levels were out of control. I am home now. Blood pressure back to normal. Yay me!

I lost a very dear friend yesterday. She was our Christmas miracle. She had been in ICU on a ventilator and the family had decided to discontinue life support. Once the machines were turned off my dear friend Jackie fought for her life and won. She woke up and was doing great. She lost her fight yesterday and my heart is breaking because she is no longer a part of my life. 

My wish for myself and my family this new year is better health for all of us and better jobs for my son and daughter.

My wish for you is health and happiness.

Happy New Year!


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