The kids are grown, now what?: Extraordinary Parenting

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Extraordinary Parenting

Me and the kids

I was watching Katie the other day and the show was about parenting under extraordinary circumstances. They featured parents of autistic kids, parents of prodigies, parents of murderers... You get the picture. Isn't parenting in and of itself an extraordinary circumstance?
While so many of us are parents, how many of us received training? It's probably the only job in the world that is 100% on the job training. For those that were lucky enough to have great parents as role models there are just as many of us who didn't. All we can do is strive to NOT be like our parents.

I became a parent at the ripe old age of 16. I became a single parent at 19. Single parenting IS extraordinary parenting. I did remarry and had 2 more children. While I was married my husband was not involved with my children at all. Married and STILL a single parent!

I did not receive emotional or child support for my younger children. Single parenting is hard. Single parenting on only 1 income is even harder. That's what I call extraordinary parenting. You learn how to cook delicious meals that your children will love on a non-existent food budget.You learn to find strong male role models for your son. The most challenging aspect of the whole experience was clothing my children. My son went through pants and shoes every few months. It was unreal. In just one year he doubled his weight and grew a foot. I was replacing clothes like there was not tomorrow! I learned to shop at the thrift stores and garage sales. I discovered Old Navy and even more important I found great Old Navy coupons. As my daughter says, "we didn't always get what we wanted but we always had what we needed."

Are you an extraordinary parent?


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