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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Way Back When...

Dial Up Modem

Way back when in the days of old and the internet was in its infancy, there were not a lot of great internet service providers. In fact there were 3; AOL, GEnie and Prodigy. This was in the days that dinosaurs roamed the earth and to access the internet you had to have a dial-up modem.
Back then email was delivered through a system of hubs and nodes. If you wanted to check your email you would go to the BBS (using your dial-up modem) and check your account. I had a BBS. I was one of a very few female SysOps (Systems Operator) in the country.People felt this was quite the novelty and would call from all over the world just to chat with me! It was pretty exciting and I loved every minute of it.

I stopped using a computer for a few years after my divorce and was pretty amazed at the way the internet had grown when I finally came back to it. GEnie and Prodigy were gone and dial-up modems had gotten a lot faster! BBS's had gone the way of the dinosaur and web sites took over. My favorite thing about the new internet was the ability to shop online! Who would believe that one day I would have my own web site!

The age of technology is truly amazing. When I was a little girl a computer filled an entire room and information for the computer was put onto cards with holes in them. I never dreamed that I would not only have my own computer but that it would be small enough to fit into my lap. I never dreamed that my daughter would have a phone that is also a computer. I never dreamed that I would have friends all over the world that I could talk to on a daily basis. That is what technology has done for us. It's taken our big planet and made it small. We are definitely all connected.


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