The kids are grown, now what?: Sin City Rules on TLC

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sin City Rules on TLC

Sin City Rules

Did you have a chance to check out the newest reality show on TLC? If not and you like watching train wrecks then you HAVE to check it out! Read the blurb about the show from TLC:
You might think that high stakes gambling is a man's world, but there are plenty of women who are also clawing their way to the top. TLC's new series Sin City Rules follows the lives of five high-powered women in Las Vegas, including an entrepreneur daughter of an infamous mob boss, a cosmetics mogul, a champion poker player, a gun-loving fashion designer and a pageant queen-turned-entertainment reporter. Follow these women as they do whatever it takes to make it in one of the most vibrant, compelling and notorious cities in the world. 
The leader of this band of clowder is Lana Fuchs.Lana is the creator of FVCHS Brand and Billionaire Mafia. Lana presented a check at an AIDS benefit and when asked who she was her reply was God. Yes, this woman has HUGE ovaries!

Next up is Alicia Jacobs, former entertainment reporter for KSNV-TV. Alicia is the target of Lana's cattiness but it's not clear as to why.

Jennifer Harmon is a professional poker player and two time winner of the World Series of Poker. She says that Life's a bluff. I guess we will find out if she is bluffing!

Lori Montoya is owner and co-founder of Rain Cosmetics. She seems to be Lana's partner in crime.

Amy Hanley, daughter of Mob thug Tom Hanley. She's another member of Lana's crew.

Last night's premier was quite the introduction to these women. We went with them to a shooting picnic in the desert. Nobody told poor Alicia that stilettos were not a good fashion choice for this event. It will be interesting to see where this show leads. Did you see it? What are your thoughts?


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