The kids are grown, now what?: Paradise Grove Avocados #GiftGuide

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paradise Grove Avocados #GiftGuide

Paradise Grove Avocados

There are certain foods that I think of as Foods of the Gods. Bacon, Lobster and Avocado are a few. Give me a ripe avocado, a squirt of lime and a sprinkle of Kosher salt and I am in heaven.
Earlier this year I reviewed Paradise Grove Avocados. These avocados are the BEST I have ever eaten. They make the avocados that you find in the supermarket look skinny and sickly. Paradise Grove Avocados are HUGE and they have so much more flavor than those other avocados.

Paradise Grove Avocado Gift Basket

I would love it if someone would send me this beautiful Paradise Grove Avocado Gift Basket. Then I can make more Guacamole, Ranch Dressing or just eat one with a spoon. Yum! This Gift Basket contains 8 Premium Avocados and is perfect for me or the foodie in your life. Order one today!


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