The kids are grown, now what?: Foodie Dreams

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Foodie Dreams

Gift Hampers

I was such a weird child. As you know, holiday time means that more catalogs arrive in the mail. When I was a little girl we received wonderful catalogs that became my wish list. Some of the catalogs had toys, others had books and the best always had Gift Hampers filled with gourmet food that I was dying to try.
See? I told you I was a weird child! I was always curious about the gourmet delicacies contained in those hampers and I wanted one of those wonderful hampers so I could go on a picnic. Of course I did go on picnics but never with a wonderful wicker picnic basket. I bet the food tasted even better when it was carried in one.

The picnic fantasy always involved a tandem bicycle. The picnic basket along with a blanket would sit in the basket of the bicycle. We (I don't remember who the other person was in my fantasy) would rise to a beautiful meadow and spread the blanket down amongst the flowers and sit down and enjoy the wonders of my wicker picnic basket.

The basket would be filled with a loaf of wonderful crusty bread, some gourmet cheese, fruit and then jars and tins of gourmet yumminess. At the time, I did not really understand what was supposed to be in the jars, I just knew that it would be delicious. Like I said, I was a weird child!

Maybe my fantasies were based on all those old movies that I would watch, or the books from the 1940's that I so loved reading. I am still in love with gift catalogs and my favorites are still the catalogs containing page after page of gourmet delicacies. I never did get my wicker picnic basket but I still want one. I still have dreams of a wonderful gourmet picnic but due to physical limitations that dream no longer includes a tandem bicycle.

Sometimes our childhood dreams change. Sometimes they stay the same. Other times we adjust them for aging and circumstances. I would love to know about your childhood dreams.


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