The kids are grown, now what?: What is Your Dream Car?

Monday, November 12, 2012

What is Your Dream Car?

Dream Cars

When I was in Junior High (now called Middle School!) I had a friend named David. David had a dream to build cars. He was in love with cars and his absolute favorite was the Triumph TR7 (right picture). I lost touch with David when I moved to Chicago with my mother. I have always wondered if he ever purchased his dream car and landed his dream job. 

My dream car was and still is the Volkswagen Thing (left picture). I just love the way it looks. It's a funky little car with a lot of personality. Have you ever watched Switched at Birth? If so then you are familiar with it. Bay drives a Volkswagen Thing! One day I hope to have one.

When I met my first husband, his brother was driving around in his dream car, the Opel GT (middle picture). Jorge's Opel was orange. They had a distinctive little hump in the hood. The ultimate in men's midlife crisis car!  And fast! What's a midlife crisis without speed?

My neighbor recently brought home an Opel GT. His car is also orange AND has a big black racing stripe down the top of the car. Too bad he isn't taking care of it very well. He has no glass in his windows. We recently had a snowstorm and he covered his windows with garbage bags. That did not work too well. The wind ripped those bags to shreds. If I brought home my dream car I would take much better care of it than he has.

Do you have a dream car? Tell me about it!


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