The kids are grown, now what?: The Ladies of CBS' The Talk are Bullies

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Ladies of CBS' The Talk are Bullies

The Bullies from The Talk

From time to time I will turn the TV to CBS to watch The Talk. Until this morning I thought these women were intelligent and funny and great to watch. This morning, Julie Chen was talking about a woman in Britain who is raising funds for prostate cancer by growing out her facial hair. She has already raised more than $1600.00. I find this pretty incredible!

The ladies of The Talk thought it would be funny to make fun of this woman by wearing fake beards and mustaches. This went on and on and on. We finally changed the channel.

This is bullying plain simple. As a woman with facial hair I understand a society that looks down on me because of it. It takes a strong woman to call attention to herself in this way in order to raise money for a good cause. She should be receiving major kudos instead of jeers.

Ladies of The Talk, you owe Siobhain Fletcher not only a HUGE apology but a large donation to her fundraiser as well.


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