The kids are grown, now what?: Dear 20 Year Old Me...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear 20 Year Old Me...

Me at 20!
Don't you love the gauzy Cybill Shepherd look?

I belong to a group of fabulous women bloggers and we are doing a meme (a collection of similar ideas). The subject if a letter to your 20 something self.

Dear Missy;

You have already lived through so much. You are stronger than you believe. You will need that strength in the years to come. It's not easy having babies when you are still a baby, but you are doing a good job. We all make mistakes as parents regardless of when we start.

Cut ties with your mother now, don't wait until you are in your 40's. It's not worth another 20 years of heartache and head games. 

It's time to go back to school. Become the strong independent woman that I know you are. Don't let anything or anyone stop you. You is kind, you is smart, you is important. Repeat that to yourself. Make it your mantra.

LEAVE HIM NOW! If you leave him now then none of the bad things will happen.  But whatever you do, you are strong. You can and will get through it. You have wonderful friends that love you and help you through the disaster zone.

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