The kids are grown, now what?: Are You a Horse Lover?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Are You a Horse Lover?

Wooden Rocking Horse

I have been in love with horses since I was a teeny tiny little girl. I don't remember the day I first declared my love of horses but that feeling has been with me since my first memory. My parents tried to placate me with a rocking horse similar to the one in the picture. My father kept promising that he would take me riding at the stables in downtown Philadelphia. He even taught me how to mount and dismount using the rocking horse!

As I grew older I began subscribing to different horse magazines. I would go watch the horse auctions in Lancaster County dreaming of the day that I would have a horse of my own. When I was 13 my father remarried and moved to a farm and promptly bought my step-sister a horse. His name was Ringo and he stood 17.2 hands high. He was a gorgeous Arabian. They called him a rogue because he was a gelding that acted like a stallion. It was love at first site for me. I think Ringo felt the same way. We were a match made in heaven. When I was alone in the house I would saddle Ringo up and off we would go. We were inseparable. He didn't like to let anyone but me near him. I could spend an entire day just brushing him. That was the most perfect summer for me. I went home to Chicago and my father called me to tell me that Ringo would not let anyone near him at all. That he was going to put him down. I begged him to load Ringo into a trailer and bring him to Chicago. I told him that I would find a job and pay for Ringo's keep but he said no. Ringo was shot the next day. I still grieve for him.

A few years ago I made arrangements to work with a horse owned by a friend of mine. She was very sweet and friendly but could not tolerate having anyone ride her. She would thrown them. Then I hurt my back and was not able to ride so he sold the horse to someone else. 

I haven't been able to ride since but my love affair with horses still continues.

Are you a rider looking to find Bates Saddles and other riding gear? I really miss the smell of the tack room.


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