The kids are grown, now what?: Review: Dadgum, That's Good Too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Dadgum, That's Good Too!

Dadgum That's Good Too!

I received a copy of John McLemore's Dadgum That's Good, Too!  It's a follow up to his book,John McLemore's "Dadgum That's Good!"  

“John’s first cookbook, “DADGUM That’s Good!”™ was a huge success and I’m so excited about this sequel. He’s showing you how to smoke, grill and fry with your family and friends. Once you get to know John and eat his dadgum good food, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do!” -From the foreword, written by Paula Deen – American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, actress, and Emmy Award-winning television personality
John McLemore is the co-owner and President/CEO of Masterbuilt Manufacturing Inc. Masterbuilt manufactures indoor and outdoor consumer cooking products and automotive aftermarket accessories. John has traveled all over the world and learned lessons about life and food along the way.

There are 135 recipes in this book along with gorgeous photos and stories about John's life. This is more than just a cookbook, this is a memoir written in food. While many of the recipes were developed for use with a smoker or deep fryer they easily convert to oven/grill or shallow frying.

I am a cookbook reader and collector and this is a perfect addition to my collection. I love the recipes, photographs and love reading the stories that are not only included with each recipe, but also the beginning of each chapter. For John as well as myself, life is a story that can be told in food and this is a story that I really think you will enjoy.

The first recipe I tried was Corn Fritters. These Corn Fritters were perfect. Crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy inside just popping with corn kernels. This is a recipe that I will use time and time again and I am plan on playing with it too so that I make it my own. Parmesan Bacon Corn Fritters anybody?

There is something for everyone in this book from the Corn Fritters to Grilled Salmon Burger (which I plan on trying next!) to Smokn' Fried Turkey. I think you will find this book a delicious read. Give it a try! You can purchase both books on Amazon.


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