The kids are grown, now what?: Guest Post: Are eReaders Better Than Traditional Books?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Post: Are eReaders Better Than Traditional Books?

3 Reasons Why eReaders are Better than Traditional Books

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The world is quickly experiencing a shift in the way that they consume the written word. For hundreds of years society has read books by holding them in their hands and turning pages, but the last few years has shifted a significant portion of the population to reading books on tablets, eReaders, and even the computer. Not everyone is excited about this transition. Many purists insist that there is nothing better than holding a book in your hands, covering up with a blanket near a fire, and reading threw the evening. But even these conservative book readers will have to admit that there are at least 3 ways that eBooks are better than a traditional book.

1 - eReaders Are Better For Traveling

Millions of people read while traveling each year. Each of them also will recognize that traditional books aren't ideal for jumping on air planes or fitting into luggage. In almost every circumstance, a traditional printed book is thicker than a tablet or eReading device. This makes fitting the book in your luggage or carry-on back a challange. With increasing bag fees and even sometimes having to pay for larger carry-ons, having a flat and thin device has it's advantages. Lets not count out the fact that the pages of a book always seem to get smashed, wringgled, and sometimes torn while traveling. Books just don't stand up well over the hussle and bussle of a traveling individual. eReaders and Tablets are a bit more solid and slide quickly and easily into their cases or carry-on bags. A recent study Found that 73% of Americans prefer an eBook when traveling.

2 - eReaders Have More Options

The great thing about eReaders is that there are millions of them that are quickly and readily available to you through your reading device. Whilel there are millions of traditional books, getting to them is much more difficult. Not only can you browse entire stores from an eReading device, but you can also download books from the library or subscribe to magazines that you enjoy. 53% of Americans believe eBooks have more options

3 - Speed, Geeting a Book Quickly

Having a new book to read is literally just seconds away from anyone with an eReading device and an internet connection. Find the book, purchase it for download, and seconds later you can start reading. Traditional books require you to jump in a car or ride a bus to a book store or library. This can take hours to accomplish and another hour before you're home snuggled up near a fire and ready to read. 83% of Americans believe eBooks are better for being able to get a book quickly. eReading Devices, Tablet computers, and even Smart Phones are the traditional books of the future. More and more people will become familiar with them and comfortable with reading on them. The future is mobile, easy, and readily available. Dan Hinckley works with Leanforward, a Mobile Learning company.


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