The kids are grown, now what?: Planning Your Next Child

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Planning Your Next Child

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I Hope you enjoy this guest post about planning your next child!

Planning your Next Child: Sibling Age Gaps

Are you planning another baby? Do you feel it’s about time you added another member to the family?
Planning your next child might require considering a number of issues, amongst which, sibling age gaps.
There is no “correct” age gap and the time gap you leave between one child and the next is purely based
upon personal preferences and circumstances.

The age gap: Having Children Close Together

Parents might be delighted at the idea of raising kids that are very close in age. This enables them to be
playmates to each other and helps them share the many memorable experiences that childhood brings.
The fact that kids have each other to play with means that parents may have less to do keeping them
entertained. They do however, have more to deal with in terms of kiddy squabbles over broken toys and
expenses coming in multiples. Whether they are related through DNA or not kids will be kids!

For the parents, having two or more children that are close in age (with around 2-4 year gaps) can mean
a tighter financial knot around the purse. Going out to eat and organizing holidays is far more costly and
not every parent can benefit from grandparents taking care of their kids. It is also a bigger hassle getting
a 2 year old, 4 year old and a newborn set for a day out. Your big family might also mean people get
second thoughts about inviting you but it also means you get second thoughts about inviting them as
cooking for your own brood is already enough work. Well, the smaller the gap the more your work.

But who can describe the delight and joy parents feel when seeing their little kids enjoying the
anticipation of Christmas together? Playing and helping each other with their home work? But let us also
admit that every gap has its pros and cons.

Big Age Gaps

Big age gaps between kids do have advantages. First of all, if your eldest child is 8 and you have a
newborn, your eldest child can look after your new baby for short spells of time and also help you with
some basic chores. You even get more time to spend with your new born baby. Some couples have said
they enjoyed having gaps between their kids more as it alleviated the pressure when compared to those
parents who have more than one kid within a small time frame.

Any pregnancy brings about changes in body eight and overall appearance. For some women, a gap
between children gives them time to go back to the body they had before being pregnant. It takes times
to get your body back into shape- time you will not really have if you choose to have another baby
shortly after a baby you just had.

But how many kids do you want?

Of course, this might be a hard question to answer. You and your partner or husband might begin with
having X in mind but ending up with Y. Situations change, financial circumstances change, surprise
pregnancies happen. But one of your first moves should be a visit to your OBGYN just to ensure you
are healthy enough and to discuss a few issues which he or she will bring to light. One in five US moms
has kids from different fathers. Thus, we can safely say that this is a fairly common scenario. Paternity genetic testing is also a pretty useful tool to establish paternity and allocate paternal responsibilities.
How children from different parents react living together as half siblings depends on age, family
environment, emotional support and a number of other factors.

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post.


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