The kids are grown, now what?: Guest Post: Grand Parents, Your New Role as Parents of Your Grandkids

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guest Post: Grand Parents, Your New Role as Parents of Your Grandkids

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Your kids have grown up and left the nest. However, it probably will not be long till your role as parent begins once more with the arrival of your grandkids. All parents look forward to becoming grandparents. Grandparenting is a great opportunity to re-build those special bonds and relationships in much the same way as those you built with your own kids. You can rest assured that your role in their lives is a very important one, one which has been supported with many studies by leading universities and psychologists.
Humans are indeed very special! After all how many mammals have a life expectancy which is long enough to experience the joys of grandparenting.

Sayings and Idioms about grandparenting

Here are just some of the lovely idioms about grandparenting:

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies.”  ~Rudolph Giuliani

“I like to do nice things for my grandchildren - like buy them those toys I've always wanted to play with.” ~Gene Perret

“It's amazing how grandparents seem so young once you become one.”  ~Author Unknown

“A grandma's name is little less in love than is the doting title of a mother.”  ~William Shakespeare

The roles and opportunities of grandparenting

Do you remember what it was like to see the world through the eyes of an innocent child? Do you recall those innocent comments by your kids? Their way of perceiving the world which often made you laugh or ponder? Do you remember the joy of seeing proud little children showing you their latest drawings with that fascinating child-like representation of world around? What about those hopeful or excited eyes during times of celebration like birthdays and Christmas?  Well here is your chance to re-live this all over again but with the added advantage of part-time, parental responsibilities because grandchildren do not live with their grandparents but only spend given periods of time with them.

Some issues you might want to discuss with your kids

Everyone in the family might get carried away with the excitement of grandchildren and before you know it, your grandchildren have moved in with you every weekend. This might indeed be stressful - going back to cooking, cleaning, driving around and keeping up with the added chores and with a slightly worn body too! Well, you might want make things clear straight away: just how much time are you ready to allocate to your kids’ kids and on what days?

You might be left in charge of a little angel or a little menace, and let’s face it, most kids try your patience from time to time. A major source of conflict between grandparents and their own kids is discipline of their grandchildren. What are your limits? How are you going to punish them for wrong behavior? What type of misdemeanor warrants what punishment? Remember it is also sends conflicting messages to the child if you are giving them a telling off for something that their parents would say nothing about.

Grandparents DNA tests

Nowadays, there are a vast range of DNA testing including siblings DNA tests, paternity testing in pregnancy, ancestry tests and even grandparents DNA tests. Yes, there are instances in which grandparents might question whether they are truly the biological relatives of their grandchild.  A grandparentage test can confirm your biological relationship to your grandchild and is often done in place of a paternity test. If the result of such a test shows that you are unrelated to your grandchild this could mean that the father of your grandchild (your son) is not the biological father either. This is because your biological grandchildren must have common genetic material with you; genetic material which you would have passed on to your children and they would have passed on to their children in turn.

Disclosure: This guest post has been compensated.


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