The kids are grown, now what?: Chat with Jennifer Garner!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chat with Jennifer Garner!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green comes to theaters tomorrow and I got to participate in an online chat with Jennifer Garner! First let me say that I tired very hard to keep up with the questions and answers but I did miss some and I apologize for that.

How do you get into character: I was using an acting coach and she told me that I already had a lot in common so I should just use it.

There was a bit of downtime while the producers were picking questions. She told us how much she loves Mommy Bloggers and was surprised by how many there are. Congratulations! Then we were back to the questions!

As a mother, how did you relate to the character? I related as a first time mom without the nervous energy. All of her first time momness goes towards this big kid! I think it is funny to watch.

How did you like working with Peter Hedges(the director)? He was the big draw for me.

What was it like working with CJ? He is so sweet. A special, special kid, not sarcastic or ironic.
He is wide-eyed and trusting and upbeat.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, 
someone who was a part of founding our country. Thomas Jefferson, what was that like?

Where was the movie filmed? It was filmed in Atlanta. My best friend from growing up in West Virginia lives there and we got to hang out.

How do you juggle motherhood and work? It has to be something that fills me up. I have been working with Save the Children. They have a program to help kids in rural America who are living in poverty.

 Did you always know that you would act? I was a theater rat always hanging around the community theater or in ballet class. In college I changed my major from Chemistry to theater and in the summer I would work at theaters for free. I guess I was always moving toward it without realizing it.

Any advice for new moms? Take it easy on yourself. Everything is a phase. Enjoy the good stuff, the bad stuff is just a phase so just get through it.

What are your favorite kid's books? Anything by Marla Frazee, Richard Scarry or Eloise Wilkins.


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