The kids are grown, now what?: Around the Blogosphere 8/2/12

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Around the Blogosphere 8/2/12

So I spaced out my Around the Blogosphere post yesterday. I hope you will forgive me. Yesterday was a pretty bad pain and sick day. I'm back!

You have GOT to check out Grandma Juice's riff on Blogging Politics. She calls them as she sees them and I love her for that. <3

Do you have any book suggestions for A Life for of Laughter?

I am so hungry after checking out Jason's Everlasting Recipe's Potato Cake with Bacon and Cheese Recipe.

If you are looking for giveaways, Free Hot Samples has tons for you to choose from.

Are you a blogger looking for an event in September? Check out the Celebrating Our Abilities Event that Parsimonious Pash is hosting.

Speaking of events, Grandma Juice and I are hosting a Hunger Games DVD Release Event. This will be huge!

Are you a horse lover? The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug  has some great information on how you can help save America's Mustangs.

Ever wondered how you can Lose Weight with a Dog?  Planet Weidknecht has your answers!

I hope you enjoy these blog posts as much as I have.


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