The kids are grown, now what?: Welcome to the Sturgis Rally Part 1

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to the Sturgis Rally Part 1

Welcome to the Sturgis Rally. The photo you see here was taken at the 1996 Rally. Those were some of my best friends. My friend Russ (far left) is no longer enjoying the Sturgis Rally and he is missed. 

This will be a 3 part series about Sturgis. This first one is how to stay alive! Every year hundreds of thousands of people descend on the Black Hills to attend the grand-daddy of all motorcycle rallies. Every night during the rally the local news will feature the rally numbers. There will be an estimate on the numbers in attendance, the number of arrests, the number of non-injury accidents and the number of fatalities. 

If you JUST learned how to ride this year, don't come to Sturgis and expect to ride. I have seen too many brand new riders come out here and try to ride in the horrendous car/motorcycle traffic and end up as a statistic instead. Get a year or 2 of riding experience before you attempt to ride on our gravel roads or handle our hairpin turns.

Please observe our traffic laws. Residents of the Black Hills know to watch out for bikers. Please watch out for our residents. You are a guest here. Please ride respectfully. Just because you can weave in and out of traffic does not mean that you should. This is another way to cause an accident. You did not come all the way out here to kill or injure yourself.

Do NOT drink and ride. Sturgis is a party and parties come with drinking. If you are staying at a Sturgis Campground then please make use of the shuttle bus to come to town to party. If you are staying somewhere else please do not drink. Drinking and riding do not mix.

We are in the middle of one of the hottest and driest summers we have had in a long time. Our fire risk is very high. There are burn bans in effect. Please respect this or you could find yourself the cause of a horrific wild fire. Do not toss your cigarette butts. Please put them out and field strip them for later disposal.

Have fun while you are here. Be safe. Enjoy yourself. Come back next year!


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