The kids are grown, now what?: Spinal Fusion

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spinal Fusion

Seven years ago I pushed a car and dislocated a vertebrae. This wasn't just your average disc herniation. The disc was gone and that one vertebrae was twirling around my spinal cord like a bracelet. As it moved it would hit my spinal cord and if I was standing or walking at the time I would immediately hit the floor. It was a pretty scary time.My doc sent me to a Neurology Specialist for a surgical consult. He scheduled me for surgery.

The day of the surgery came and I was really looking forward to not falling down anymore! I woke up a couple of hours after the surgery and requested that they remove my catheter so that I could use the toilet. The nurses and my doc were in shock. They had never had anyone request to walk immediately following a spinal fusion. That's how I am. I HATE being confined to bed. I HATE being in the hospital and I really HATE having a catheter! I started physical therapy that afternoon and was discharged three days later.

That was probably the hardest surgery recovery that I have had. Once I was off the IV pain meds I had difficulty keeping my pain under control. But slowly and surely I did recover and I finally went back to my life. Now I have herniated the discs above my fusion and I need more surgery! But they are hesitant to work on me because there is so much damage. You see I also have arthritis in my spine and this aggravates everything.


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