The kids are grown, now what?: Sidekix Back to School Event & Give-Away

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sidekix Back to School Event & Give-Away

What are Sidekix is something that I am sure you are asking yourself. I will let the creator of Sidekix tell you about them:
Children love to discover--it is an essential trait they have for exploring our world. This trait led me to create Sidekix Toys, a toy that leads to the discovery of a new friend or sidekick. On the surface of these playful balls lay the clues for the sidekicks waiting to be discovered within. For instance, a cracked egg poses the it a dinosaur, turtle, or perhaps a chick? The answer lies within the toy ball. Once they have discovered their Sidekix, they can take it with them wherever they go. The unique clip allows it to be attached to bags, belts, and keychains. In addition, magnets placed inside the Sidekix Toys allow them to cling to bikes, lockers and so much more. However, if you're looking for a fun toy, simply tuck and zip your Sidekix back into its ball form to play catch or clip it on your bag as a fun accessory to fit your personality. Here at sidekix we like to say kick'em, zip'em, flip'em, clip'em, and stick'em.

These are so danged cute! When I first heard about this campaign I thought I would get one and give it to a young friend of mine. But then it arrived! OMG! My daughter Ryan and I fell in love with it. They come all zipped up in a little ball that you can use just like a hacky-sack! Then when you unzip the ball out comes this cute little creature that can be your new friend! These are great for back to school as they can be clipped to your child's (or your) backpack or belt loop. They also have a magnet in them so you can stick them on a bike and take them for a ride or stick them in a locker. There is so much fun in this little zippered ball! We take ours everywhere!

Peeking out of my purse!

Beating the heat with some Frosties!

Sidekix is offering my readers to win a Sidekix of their choice!


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