The kids are grown, now what?: She Said, What? RHOC Reunion Part 2 Recap

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

She Said, What? RHOC Reunion Part 2 Recap

Wow! That was a JUICY Reunion!

Can you believe Alexis? What was with her whining? Neither her nor Gretchen are even working at Fox 5 anymore but they were both pulling emails out to prove that each of them is right! I can guarantee you that Fox 5 will NEVER work with one of the wives again after last night!
And what is up with the nose job? When did a nose job become "serious surgery"? Get over yourself Alexis!

Can you believe Brooks? He says he ONLY has 4 children from 2 women. He's lying! He ha 5 children from 3 women. Have you seen the 20/20 episode? I have it here for you if you haven't seen it yet.

I really wish Vicki would wake up. When is she going to realize that he is a user, loser, deadbeat dad and fame seeker? Brooks has isolated her from everyone.

What about Slade? Yes, Grandma Juice he is funny but he's a deadbeat dad too! Gretchen is being very smart by not marrying him until he fixes his finances. You go, Gretchen!

Next up was Brianna. I LOVE her! Bravo TV should get rid of Alexis and have more of Brianna. She's is so articulate and so smart. Congratulations on the new baby!

Kudos also go to Heather DuBrow. She is also articulate and extremely smart. Definitely the voice of reason.

I am so sad that Tamra and Vickie are no longer friends. They shared some very harsh words and I hope they can come back from it. They have a business together, I hope they are able to continue their business relationship.

Who is up for season 7 reruns?!


going through beginning

ok let me catch up!
where are you?

andy started talking right at the beginning

gretchen and alexis

alexis is whinning as usual

Alexis whines through the whole thing

thats what she does
why does alexis judge her friends by who defends her when she does something dumb?

who knows
she is very immature and self centered

a nosejob is not very serious surgery fyi

no it's not!

if she keeps lying about this fox five theyre gonna can her ass... theyre not gonna play bicker games

I know, she's trying to save face
I love how she brings the email

OH! lets pull out the emails! she said she said... AND gretchen has the emails!

I know! Isn't that great!

now alexis is backd into a corner

They should dump alexis and hire Brianna

yes they should...

I am a bit sad that they didn't ask her about that stupid trampoline park!

AAANNND here comes alexis' emails

I know, this is ridiculous

now theyre both gonna loose the gig because theyre dragging fox five through the mud
commercial i gotta pee!


back/ fast forwarding


i LOVE heather!
I wanna be heather when i grow up

Me too! I cannot believe how BIG her house is!

and shes real!. nice.
not fake

I know!
Alexis is just jealous

back to bowgate
ok gotta pause and let the dogs out. sorry

LOL! k

my cripple dogs gonna fall on her face if i dont help her out

oh poor thing
are you back?


Time for loser brooks

uh oh! here comes brooks!
creepy, cheesy, brooks the crook

He's like a freaking hallmark card

hes so full of lies... its crap
a BAD hallmark card

He is a shit stirrer

she needs to stop screeching... vicky vicky vicky
they cant be done because i really need my wine!
the man... the pansy man!


i wonder if shes seen the 20/20 video yet

what did he say? He has 14 children by 3 different women?
I am sure she has by now

he said he had 4 children by two women which is a lie

I know it is!

gretchen made total sense there

she really did and I am so sad that that ASSHOLE has come between Vicki and her friends

and it better not become between the wine
liar! you knew she was on the show!

I know, that would be even sadder!
That damned evil eye again. How old are these people?

whats wrong with vickys face?

what do you mean?

she just looks different

I don't know

thank god hes leaving... i cant stand to even look at him

Brianna's turn!

k back on

Slades another loser
deadbeat dad

but at least hes funny

and gretchen is being smart about it

yup... shes not the dumb blonde that everyone thinks she is

No, she's not

i dont want my partner up my ass 24 hours a day!

No kidding, that drives me crazy

she should give him a paycheck... he does work for her... thats legal

Slade needs to find something that pays better than being a gigolo
Vicki has a point



YAY brianna!

I really like her

i do too... smart, normal
im a gilf!

Me too!

rock on GILFS


i dont like the name troy

I don't either.
I don't think Vicki should be embarrassed by Brianna eloping but I do understand her anger and hurt

yeah me too
but i cant imagine telling vicky ahead of time... she would take over the wedding planning... it was probably smarter that way


yes thats why she did it in vegas!
says a lot when your kid wont talk to your husband... gotta pick one and shes not picking the right one






never mind commercial again

you ff faster than I do!@



briannas making some great points

she is

WOW! brooks is an ass for doing that!

and Brooks had NO right to do that

not at ALL
fame whore!


vicky spends too much time defending him rather than being with him

Do you think she is so defensive because she knows they are right and is having a hard time continuing to justify her relationship with him?

you could only say the sky is green when everyone else tells you its blue for so long


i think brianna has awesome points

she does

hes a HUGE wedge

he is

i think vicky just doesnt wanna be alone

I used to feel that way, Now I prefer it

oh vicky just whispered for her to shut up so theres more that we dont know

yep, an affair

although if vicky was my wife treating me the way she treated dawn id probably do the same thing

Then maybe she should have left him instead of having an affair


OMG! You're going to hell!

see brianna makes more sense than her mother... not a hippocrite... DRINK
She does





i want champagne

me too!

alexis cant say anything because shell open another can of worms

I am so sad that Tamra and Vicki broke up

i think they just said too much to recover from right now


shes gonna shit talk her daughter to protect that ass... bad vicky

yes, sad



LOVE heather!

I do too
Chat conversation end
Seen 09:12


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