The kids are grown, now what?: Quitting Smoking

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quitting Smoking

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I am sitting here with a cigarette in my mouth as I write this. I started smoking when I was 9 years old. Yes, you read that correctly. I was 9. I started by snitching cigarettes from my parents when they weren't looking. Then I started buying them. I went to the store where my parents bought their cigarettes and as long as I bought the brands that they smoked they would sell them to me. Cigarettes were $.35 a pack when I started.  I said I would quit smoking when the price of cigarettes hit $2.00 a pack but now they are $6.57 a pack and I am STILL smoking!

Anything else I have done I have had no problem with stopping. I drank pretty steadily for a couple of years and then stopped. I used to smoke a lot of pot and I stopped. I was on a lot of pain meds after my back surgery for over a year and with my daughter's help I was able to stop. But I cannot seem to stop smoking. This is horrible. I know it is destroying my health. I certainly cannot afford the price of cigarettes but I continue to smoke!

I will stop one of these days. I am going to cut way down after we move by not smoking inside the house. I am really hoping this will make quitting easier. Have you quit smoking? How did you do it?

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