The kids are grown, now what?: Vogmask Review

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vogmask Review

If you have been watching the news lately then you know that it is fire season in South Dakota and around the country. Right now we have two fires burning, Crow Peak Fire and the Dakota Fire. The smoke was pretty thick in town yesterday and I was pretty wheezy because of it.

I heard there was a haboob in Arizona yesterday. A haboob is a wall of dust that moves in and covers everything! This makes it difficult to breathe.

What do you do when Mother Nature makes breathing difficult? Get a Vogmask!

Vogmask is a socially and environmentally responsible company in Santa Cruz, California. We wanted to wear particle masks but there weren't any available that we liked. So we decided to make them ourselves out of the finest materials. Along the way we realized that masks can be fun. But masks aren't just for fun; they also need to provide protection. That's why we teamed up with the world's leader in microfiber technology to create the best masks in the world.
Our vision is simple: make beautiful, reusable, comfortable masks that
people can wear in any setting. Walking or biking to work, gardening, playing sports,travelling on an airplane, commuting on a train, being with family.
Why wear a mask? You are careful about what you put into your body. You know the benefits of eating wholesome, nourishing foods and drinking lots of clean water.  What about air? You need food and water on a daily basis. You need air every moment.
You are always breathing.
With a vogmask, your breath is protected. Everyone has said to themselves "I should not be breathing this" at one point or another. In many cultures it is taken for granted that people protect their breath by wearing masks. Once you have tried protecting your breath you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
A vogmask also provides valuable protection against cold weather. It is another layer of warmth when you need it. Many allergy sufferers already know the benefits of wearing a particle mask. Vogmask offers them another choice when considering what mask to purchase.
Vogmasks come in your choice of organic cotton or non-woven microfiber. They come in a variety of colors in patterns. They are really very pretty and they fit comfortably. I received one organic cotton vogmask and one microfiber vogmask. I did find that I had to make sure that it was pinched pretty tightly over my nose and then put my glasses on top of the mask, otherwise they steamed up! The vogmask works great for filtering the smoke. If you are looking for a high quality mask then you will definitely want to check out vogmask.


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