The kids are grown, now what?: She Said, What? RHOC Chat with Grandma Juice

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She Said, What? RHOC Chat with Grandma Juice

Grandma Juice and I were chatting while watching the Real Housewives of Orange County. Did you watch? That was a pretty intense finale! You can check out our chat below! It's a PG13 chat because there are a few swears!

This was definitely a drama filled finale. I can't believe how many people showed up JUST to start crap. What's up with Sarah? Why would you crash a party and then snack on a cake that hasn't been cut yet? There was other food that was available. "I have a sugar problem" Whatever!

Congratulations to Heather Dubrow on changing her name after 15 years of marriage! I hope you never have the issues that I had in trying to obtain a driver's license.

Vicki, I know you love Brooks, but that man is NO good for you! Why can't you see the shit he is causing between you and Tamra? Open your eyes, Vicki. Get smart before he takes you for everything you have.

What was up with that little scene Jim made? He should have stayed at home. He had no business starting crap with Terry at that party and then running away and leaving his wife behind. Oh and while I am on the subject of Alexis and Jim, What the hell is a trampoline park?

How about that diamond that Tamra won? That baby was a full carat! Did you see that she is giving it away on Wines by You can enter by telling your love story, but you have to be quick! The contest ends July 31, 2012.

Congratulations to Brianna and Ryan! I can't wait to see your baby and I hope a new baby will help with Vicki and Brianna's relationship.

why is vickie asking people to look at brooks teeth LOL

because he just got them fixed

I know! but it's weird

it is but she is proud of them

she spent enough on them!

No kidding!

tamra gretch hug fest

yeah, that's weird too!
and it seems phony

I love you more... NO I love YOU more

Sarah is plowed

still on tamra gretch

ok, let me pause!

friendhsip braclets UGH LOL
OMG!!!! they are jumping the ropes!!!

It's very junior high but for the rich!



not a sugar problem

LMAO! It was disrespectful
Alexis should not have brought her

not at all... and aexis is going to bat for her... if it was HER cake she'd be criyng

I know! What person over the age of 10 does that?

I love Slade being the voice of reason LOL thats a good sign they alll went crazy

Slade needs to STFU!

the village needed their idot back AWESOME
she's crying about a party she only went to to cause trouble... THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE omg iM DYING

Shaking my head
did you fast forward?



ok at party

I feel so bad for Vicki. I have been in the same position with my daughter

I think she's only doing it for selfish reasons... being nice to ryan

Sometimes you have to so you don't lose your daughter

hes almost 45? he looks waaay older! brooks

I thought he was in is 60's!

she's pushing brooks too much and not working on her and briana, thats my prob
hes gross

yeah, she needs to work on that relationship
he is gross and creepy

a creepy hugger
theres jerky jim!


nice vest

did you see the back?

he get an invitation for that vest?

he shouldn't have come
Jimbellina grew a pair and showed up

Terry - Jim grew a pair and showed up! LOVE

Vicki is so jealous and is in so much pain
and brooks is taking advantage of that

she's chasing people away with brooks... onl way shes going to see it

Why are they all wearing fur?
how cold is it in california?

if it's winter prob 40's

really? I had no idea it got that cold!

are you wearing the pants??? asshole
yeah chilly at night

if the shoe fits, Jim


let me know when you are through it


She IS phony


But he should not have gone to the party

I think Heather is the grown up girl LOL

he started it and now he is running away
Jim is ditching his old lady!

hes leaving!!!!
hahahahaha baby

he's a pussy

the lady with red horns!

shes running after him LOL

What a douche

yes terry hes afraid of the truth

pour the champs all around

see, slade is funny

when he's not being a deadbeat dad!

brooks needs camera time

I still think he is really 60

hes got to be over 45!!

evil eye
evil eye
he is causing a shit storm

he wants it... needs it... vicki may listn to them if shes not pissed

I wish they would just talk to her away from him

shes screeches SO loud... whos she trying to convince?

herself that's the really sad part about all of this

yeah... she was such a smart independant woman... now shes very unsure and not confident at all

No, it makes me really angry at brooks

you and everyone else watching I don't think anyone ikes him... maybe Ryan from the batchelorette

too funny!
are you through the commercial yet?



vicki talked that way to simon... made him and tamra fight...

Not cool!

schrreching again


brooks looks self satisfied

he does, he's a pig
he is going to isolate her and then take all her money

yep... argh I wish she'd wake up...

hopefully soon
She cries without tears



Ive watched my daughter do what vicki's doing.. it tough...

it is tough

MY lady... who is he?

he is a con artist

vicki didn't see anything!

I know

if everyone says the sky is blue and you are fighting to prove its green... whos wrong?

cake time!

and HERE COMES THE CAKE!!!! the star

I hope it is yummy cake

that was sweet! precious metals!

it was
I'm sorry, BUT!

but WHAT ABOUT THE WINE!!!!! they cant break up... I NEED THE WINE

LOL! Don't worry, there is plenty of wine!

. commercial

ok, I have to run to the bathroom


ok, I'm back


Tamra got the diamond!

how big ya think it was!!! I want friends who have parties and give out diamonds and not silly hats!

no kidding! But she is giving it away on the Wines by Wives web site!

ok back on

I hope we are invited to the wedding
I hope Brian'a baby helps bring her and Vivki back together

I do to!! that would be sad... but brooks should go away

he shoudl
Gretchen should NOT have Slade as a baby daddy
What the hell is a trampoline park?

LOL I just read that??? uumm....

Boy, I can't wait for the reunion next week!

wow... that was some party!!!

It sure was!


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