The kids are grown, now what?: I am NOT Invisible!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am NOT Invisible!

I have difficulty walking more than a few feet. When we go shopping I make use of the motorized carts that are offered by many stores. We call it a scooty cart. I find it interesting that when I walk into the store with my cane people will hold the door for me or move out of my way, but the minute I sit down in a scooty cart I become invisible. People will block my way, walk into my path or look away when I smile at them. Children run in the aisles without looking where they are going and I have to try and come to a quick stop, not that I am going very fast to begin with, but still...

Why am I a person when I use a cane (which is a device used to assist me with walking) but not a person when I am in a scooty cart (which is also a device to assist me with mobility)?

Why is it ok to open the door for me when I walk through using my cane and then ok for you to make fun of me or treat me like garbage once I sit down in the scooty cart?

I don't get it. I am tired of it and it makes my daughter cry. I am not invisible. See me! Treat me with the dignity and respect that you would treat a member of your own family.


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