The kids are grown, now what?: Sex! Free! Do I Have Your Attention?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sex! Free! Do I Have Your Attention?

For five glorious days in May, author Ruth Dickson will be in labor again, giving re-birth to what is arguably her most informative book, NOW THAT YOU'VE GOT ME HERE, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? A Non-Marriage Manual. For FREE! 
Yes, you read that right! From May 21st through the 25th, you will be able to download the title on your Kindle, at absolutely no cost!

Although the original conception and delivery took place a half-century ago, the information and concepts are as fresh today as they were then. The fact is, men and women haven't changed their basic needs and desires, nor have the ways to satisfy them altered in any meaningful way.

Dickson gets straight to the heart of matters, pulling no punches and delivering hints and pointers on becoming as good a lover as your partner deserves. Her style may be light and breezy, but her information is down-to-earth, well-researched and trustworthy. Critics have called the work “explicit”, “provocative”, “lively” and “intelligent” as she probes the qualities necessary to forming satisfying sexual relationships.

Recently converted to e-format, Dickson's books are currently available through Amazon and other distributors, but the free download is only available through the former from May 21st through the 25th. Do yourself and your lover a favor and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer next week.

OR you can download it now from Amazon for only $3.99! A bargain either way. 


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