The kids are grown, now what?: Poop!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Poop, shit, feces, stool, caca, doodoo, dookie or whatever else you call it, my life revolves around poop! While I was in the hospital they (the GI docs) told me that they want me to keep a "stool diary". They want to know how often I am going. What my stools look like. What it feels like when I have to go. How much blood I am seeing... The list goes on and one. 

On my worst days I am in the bathroom 30 times a day. It's hard to stay hydrated on those days. On a good day I am only in their up to 7 times a day! Am I tired of my life revolving around poop? You bet! I haven't had to chance diapers in over 20 years. I really don't like the way my body has betrayed me. 

You know what else I don't like? I don't like the way my GI doc treats me. Back in September when I wasn't responding to the treatments that she ( my GI doc) tried, she told me that she didn't know what else to do with me and that she was going to send me to the Mayo Clinic. But she did not follow through on that and then I lost my insurance. Mayo will not see a patient without insurance unless you can pay in full at the time of service. So I end up in the hospital a few weeks ago and the standard treatment for a sever UC flare is no food and steroids. I was on this treatment for 5 days before they FINALLY scoped me. Guess what they found? A horrible bloody internal hemorrhoid and no other inflammation. Oh big surprise because I was on a large dose of IV steroids for 5 days. So now they are questioning whether I have UC or not. Maybe it's just all in my mind! HA! I have an appointment with them next week. Am I going? Probably not. I am tired of being treated like a crazy person. I want help and I want treatment but it also imperative that I keep what's left of my dignity intact. Being treated like a human being is more important to me than treating my disease.


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